Lift big eat big

Woke up this morning and tipped the scale at 212. It’s pretty unreal the way I’ve been eating and I’ve actually lost a lb since last week! These workouts are not as grueling as my crossfit workouts so I’m scratching my head a little. I do feel leaner (wtf? Go figure!) but I’m chalking that up to three things: 1) I’m drinking my bodyweight in ounces of water so I probably dropped some water weight 2) I switched my training routine witch is probably shocking my body 3) The place where I’m now training isn’t air conditioned so I might be burning more calories.

Being lean is cute but I want to barely make weight in my meet next month so I can hit some big PRs. So I’m gonna take my eating to the next level. Here’s my plan for today:

5:30 bulletproof coffee
6:30 1 slice of gluten free bread with raw honey and peanut butter, 4 slices of bacon, 2 jumbo eggs fried in bacon fat
8:45 scoop of protein mixed with whole milk
10:00 larabar
12:30 gluten free sandwich piled high with turkey, ham, salami and provolone
5:30 whatever my beautiful wife makes for dinner
7:30 protein shake with half a banana, an egg, peanut butter, almond milk and coconut milk
*I snack on walnuts throughout the day but I don’t count that


2 thoughts on “Lift big eat big

  1. When do you actually train? I feel like I would be full of poop all the time on that schedule.

    • That’s just bc yesterday was my off day and I was trying to get in as many calories as possible. Today I will have breakfast, lunch, and a snack before I train in the p.m. I’m sure if I keep making those shakes I will put it on. The funny part is that I just weighed myself and I only gained 0.2lbs. I’m not even mad! In all seriousness, I probably have to double my carb intake. This is gonna test me since I’ve always been so concerned with aesthetics, and this might mess with my abs. But hey, it’s all about strength anyway, right?!

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